A look into the future … laptops the next thing to be extinct ?

Well, I made a post a few years ago when Blackberrys were a “hot” item and Android/Iphones were just getting started and predicted 10 years from that post that Blackberrys would no longer be used or known… the way I put it , 10 years from now kids will ask “what was a blackberry?” , much like how they ask what were cassette players, type writers or VCRs … well I have another bold prediction that 10-20 years from now , the laptop as we know it (in it’s current form) will no longer exist. They will look much more like today’s phones (touch screen , up to 7″).

Why do I predict this? Because I just saw Windows 10 runs on phones and for myself , this would mean that I would no longer need to carry my laptop … all I need is a portable keyboard/trackpad combo and I am all set. A phone with a USB-C connection can output to a HDMI monitor/tv and also can hub off into a connection for a USB mouse/keyboard so why do I need to carry a 5lb laptop ?

Think about it … up until now the limit was the operating system. The reason why we have a phone and a laptop is because the apps that ran on the laptop didn’t run on the phone… technology has caught up and the processors have become more and more powerful,smaller and more power efficient. This is why I am guessing technology will converge soon

In the past there has been convergences that have merged certain technologies …

remember when we had flip phones, palm pilots, Tomtom/garmin GPS units, point and shoot Cannon cameras and mp3 players below ?

They were all separate devices before … now we have it all in a phone.

The last thing to converge into phone form is the laptop ….

The convergence is already happening and Microsoft is set to release the 950XL which allows for mouse/keyboard input and monitor output, it also runs Windows 10.
Kind of crazy but after years of no real technology break throughs .. I think the next one is coming with the “size” of laptops becoming the size of the phone … much like how computers before take up a whole room .. they will soon sit in your pocket!

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

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