Apple Ipad 3 Review

Time to back track and do a review of the Ipad 3. I have had it since the release but never really thought to do a review on it since there were so many reviews already. After over half a year of using it, I think I can give a better review than the initial reviews that came out 6 months ago… so lets start

First off some background, I had an apple Ipad (original) Galaxy 10 (original) and a Dell Streak 7 before so those are the only 3 tablets I can compare this to. And I know this is unfair to compare a third generation product to 3 first generation tablets, but it will be fun to see how far we have come along in terms of technology …

The original Ipad I had was light years ahead of both the Galaxy 10 (original) and the Dell streak 7 in terms of usability, responsiveness,  and build quality. This came at a big price premium though and the Ipad 3 continues with this price premium (although it seems like the Galaxy tablets are getting pretty close in price now)

The big advantage the old and the new ipad has over the competition seems to be the battery life. The galaxy and dell streak had no where near the battery life of the apple ipad. With the newest Ipad, I can go days without charging it and still find it with enough juice to play with even if I hibernate the tablet. On the other hand, the Dell Streak and the Galaxy, when hibernated sucked battery like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know if it is because gmail syncs more than the IOS mail when hibernating or if it is something else running in the background, but I concluded the way I was using it … the ipad was far ahead in terms of technology.


The next advantage the Ipad 3 and the old Ipad has is the user interface … with android you can customize it with downloads and widgets, but with the ipad … it was just stupidly simple to use. I can give it to my grandfather and he would learn how to use it in 10 minutes. On the other hand, the google android interfaces, they would be confused.


The last thing is the build quality .. the ipads feel sturdy to the touch, heavy enough to have a good feel with a metal backing, but not too heavy. The galaxy and streaks are built with plastic, which feel flimsy. On the other hand, I have cracked a ipad screen, but I have never cracked an android screen (no matter how hard I tried). This maybe due to better screen material on the galaxy and Dell streaks but I am not too sure  why they have sturdier screens.


Overall for a tablet, I think Apple Ipads are far ahead of the competition. In terms of software and hardware and quality. I am by no means a “Apple” zealot, in that I have never owned anything apple besides these 2 Ipads, so in my view this is a pretty fair review. For phones though, I only owned Androids so I cannot compare those, but for Tablets I give Apple the advantage (for now?)





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