Citybug 2 electric scooter – the future of personal transportation

Well I’ve owned the citybug2 for a year and loved it so much that I bought a second one for when I travel to keep in the trunk of my car. I haven’t been updating the site lately but thought it was time to write about the citybug 2 from Brookstone.  So far it has been a life saver, my car had a bad battery and I needed a jumper battery pack which I left at home, with the city bug 2 in the trunk, I whisked 3 miles back home and back to jump my car, without the city bug 2 , I probably would of walked or had to call AAA. 

On top of this, these things just rock in the city , whether it is downtown Los Angeles, New York , Boston or San Francisco, these things cannot be beat. Don’t need to worry about parking and you can bring them into buildings and public transportation no problem. I even added ulocks to both my citybug2’s and have had no problems leaving them at bicycle racks

Overall I am very impressed with these personal electric transportation devices. The convenience of these cannot be beat. Range wise, it goes about 11 miles before it needs a charge, charge time is about 1 hour 45 minutes from completely drained to full. It goes about 12 mph and whisked my 140lb frame up hills easily.  It also folds and unfolds in seconds (one lever) which is a huge advantage over other electric scooter models.

Overall I can not recommend the citybug2 from Brookstone enough