Google Nexus 4 Review


I decided to buy the Google Nexus 4 from Google play store when it first came out last month. The price was amazing for what you get (no contract unlocked $299 for 8 gb model) Weird enough … it took almost a month because of back orders for me to finally receive this phone. It was definitely worth the wait though because this thing is amazing …..


First off when unboxing it, I noticed the box compared to other phones I have bought is very well built and compact. No space was wasted in the packaging, the box is pretty much the size of the phone plus a charger. Next up was the problem I had … the microsim … I decided to cut my old sim card using a template online. Along with this, I used a bobby pin to eject the microsim case from the phone … popped it in and nothing. I cut the old sim card too much and it did not match the microsim contact points so I had to make a trip to Tmobile. $9.99 later I am back home with a new microsim programmed to my phone number…. and it turns on … basic Android startup for a new phone such as gmail account , if you want to connect to an existing wifi connection etc.

The a screen popped up .. it asked me to update to Jelly Bean .. this had me thinking … I just bought this and this phone was just released last month .. there is an update already?! Kind of makes me wonder why Google doesn’t update these phones before they ship them out haha. Anyways, it was about a 3 minute update and it booted up fine. A lot faster than the last generation android phones, and size wise, it is about the same as the Samsung S3. I can’t tell the speed difference between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, they seem to be neck to neck. I really like the panoramic photo function that is built in though and the 3d photos is a really neat idea. I am using this with Tmobile, so naturally the 4g isn’t super fast, but it is fast enough.

Overall I would give it a 10/10 review. It is a great phone that I will definitely keep for a while


Key features I like

  • Size (not too big, not too small)
  • responsiveness (no more slowness like old android phones)
  • Google integration (gmail etc) , downloads contacts automatically from old android phones if synced
  • Camera is very nice (especially the panoramic function)
  • No junk installed from the factory(even facebook wasn’t installed by default!)
  • Google virtual assistant (google Now) – simply amazing !
Key features I didn’t like
  • needed to update out of the box (not a big deal, only took 3 minutes, but still they should ship these updated)
  • no expansion slots (you probably heard … it has no SD card slot!)
  • volume is a little bit low for speaker phone (or maybe I am just deaf haha)