Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 a worthy upgrade from the glorious 750TI ?

Well I decided to sell the 750TI after I got back my cyberpowerpc from repair as it was supposed to be a temporary fix until I get back my gaming laptop but … after a few days I did miss gaming on the big screen for a “Console” like experience. My plan was to just use the desktop as a htpc to watch movies/netflix etc but I found myself wanting to game on the big screen …. yes I could plug in a HDMI cable from my gaming laptop but I wanted something just plugged in all the time for convenience….

So I decided to shop online for another video card since I couldn’t back out of my already sold 750TI. I ended up buying a EVGA GTX 950 SC from bestbuy for about $150. This is the superclocked version which is overclocked from the factory. I had some test time before I shipped out the 750TI to it’s new owner so I fired it up and compared both. These are both Maxwell cards but the 950 is newer and uses more power which requires a 6 pin connector from the power supply. The 750TI runs on the PCI-E slot alone.

From the tests I see about a 10 FPS increase in all the games from Mortal Kombat to GTA 5, but over all it is pretty much the same. I wouldn’t say this is a worthy upgrade from the 750TI as the 750TI didn’t require additional power from the power supply, ran a lot cooler and was lower priced.

If you have a 750TI, it is probably one of the most powerful GPU’s that sips power, maybe wait for next generation to upgrade because the GTX 950 isn’t a worthy upgrade even though it is a little bit faster. A GTX 960 or 970 would definitely be a worthy upgrade though! haha

Overall Nathan Wan rates this 4 starsĀ 

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