Polaroid Cube+ – good entry level action cam?

I never really had an action cam as I  am not really into recording myself running around or driving, but recently I have seen some very cool youtube videos captured with action cams, so I decided to pick up a Polaroid Cube+ which retails for $150. It is a little bit bigger than a quarter in width and surprisingly shoots very decent video.



The downside is the audio, which is great if you do not have any wind, but if you are like me and ride motorcycles, the sound is muffled by the wind.

The huge difference between the Cube+ and a Gopro is there is no external mic jack, so you are stuck with the internal mic. I really wish they placed the mic on the back of the Cube+ or at least added some type of foam padding so wind would not affect the recording as most people would be using this in some type of action where wind noise will be picked up easily by the mic.


Video quality is shockingly very good, here is a sample video I shot while riding my motorcycle and you can’t hear the exhaust very well because of the wind noise, but the video is very clear and crisp at 1440P. Colors are very good and it can shoot at 60 FPS at 1080P if you need to capture faster.

2016-04-05 20_05_47-Testing action cam - YouTube

The best part is the magnetic base which is very strong. I attached it to my motorcycle and car’s hood and went about 80 MPH and the camera did not move. Just be sure to take off the jacket case as the magnet loses strength when the jacket case is on it.


There is a wi-fi live view option with the Cube+ app which can downloaded on Android and IOS phones/tablets. This creates a wi-fi network from the device and lets you stream what you are recording to your phone and playback whatever you recorded as well.


In terms of operating the camera, it is very simple; click the button once to take a picture and click it twice to start recording. Hold the button to power it down or power it up. It does not get any more simple than this. The device is very easy to use.

The Cube+ also comes with a 16 GB micro SD card which is nice since most cameras do not include a micro SD card.  It is also rated as water resistant and will need a waterproof case if you take it diving. Surprisingly it is operable in the rain (I tested it with my motorcycle and it functioned 100%).  At $150, I would recommend this as a good entry level action cam. For those times when you don’t want to risk your cell phone to get the shot you need, this is the answer. The Cube+ is rubberized and very durable. I dropped it off my bicycle a few times and it didn’t scratch at all. I definitely  recommend this action cam as a starter cam if you are just getting your feet wet with creating videos (like me ! haha)

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