My friends were from South Korea so I wanted to show them the best of America … so I thought “Why not Vegas!” haha. I decided to go back to Vegas after only 2 months of coming back from there because I realized even though I have been there a few times, I never did the big things such as goto the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon or ride the boat rides at the Venation … so this time I thought I’d do it all with a bucket list!

The list of the things I accomplished (this is no where near what I wanted to do as there was just not enough time to do everything)
  1. Ride boat at the Venation
  2. Drive through the Mojave desert as fast as I can (this was actually fun since there are no police in the desert … just make sure your car doesn’t break down because there is seriously no one out there)
  3. Drive to the Grand Canyon (about 5 hours each way)
  4. Do the SkyWalk at the Grand Canyon (I am extremely scared of heights so this one was very scary for me but I did it … it is CRAZY! haha No cameras allowed as they don’t want you to drop it on the glass and fall through! hahaha)
  5. See the Hoover Dam
  6. Watch Bite show at the Stratosphere (was surprisingly good)
  7. Buffet at the Wynn
  8. Shop at the outlet malls
  9. Watch Treasure Island show (I never really watched it fully before just passed by, first time watching the whole thing)
  10. Watch water show at Bellagio (I never really watched this one before either, first time watching the whole thing)
  11. Goto the Aquarium at Mandalay bay
  12. Goto RPM Night club
  13. Goto Coyote Ugly bar (it really is like the movie! haha)
  14. Goto the pool partys (amazing pools at almost every hotel)
If you are looking for a trip with things to do, Las Vegas is definitely the spot! 24 hours , 7 days a week you will have an endless amount of things to do … I wanted to do more but just did not have enough time, there will always be a next time though!

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