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My name is Nathan Wan and I love technology, cars ,  self-improvement and motorcycles. Along with this I am a digital nomad and love to go on adventures. I run my own company CompsDoc LLC and our business solves technology issues.
On my free time, I love to turn something considered “crap” into something “awesome” … anyone can go out and buy a top performing laptop/phone/desktop … it is just money. But not anyone can turn things considered “crap” into things considered “awesome”. Sometimes I will find laptops/phones that are $100-$500 dollars and just buy them to see how much performance I could squeeze out of them. It is a weird hobby but I will most likely post an article or two whenever I do it. I travel a lot but have stopped blogging about it recently because I realized I was more concerned about blogging about the trips more than enjoying them. In the technology section you will find reviews/rants/”hacks” that I fumbled across and wish to share. Overall I just use this site to express myself

Highlights about me :

  • CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified since age 12
  • 3.74 GPA from Northeastern University (graduated Magna Cum Laude — .01 points away from Summa Cum Laude!) – Management/Management Information Science
  • 3.9 GPA Wentworth Institute of Technology – Computer Science (2 semesters then transferred)
  • Created e-commerce websites which have grossed over 3 million in sales annually
  • Circumnavigated the world once
  • Love turning things that are “crap” and modifying them till they become “awesome”
  • I was featured on Mazda USA’s tuner website when I was younger (for some reason the link doesn’t work in mobile view so I linked to web archive) Here
  • Played saxophone in High School
  • Slightly dyslexic which is why my writing is odd at times

  • I had a wonderful dog – Winwin which sadly passed away in early 2019 (Rest in Peace Winwin)
  • My grandfather ( 尹自重) is famous (he was considered one  of ‘Four Kings of Spirit Music’ in Hong Kong)  , you can read more about him here or the American version of wikipedia here  or on  hkmdb  here or you can listen to his music on youtube here.
  • My grand father had a lot of achievements in his life and even received the key to San Francisco when he arrived in 1963

This website receives about 1500 page views per month from all across the world (mostly from organic searches about random technology topics). Below is a screenshot of where the visitors come from


I am considering making a youtube channel about technology, cars, motorcycles  and life in general — stay tuned in for more information


For Business inquiries feel free to email me at [email protected]

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