Before returning home from Hong Kong, I decided to circumnavigate the Earth since I was already halfway through it and spend some time in Europe. I decided to spend about 4 days in London and it opened up my eyes …. It was like Boston but different in so many ways.


The weather was not too bad, but was definitely chilly and it only rained once while I was there (a relief).  I decided to go the guided tour route since I have never been to London and know noone there. I went with the big red tour which includes multiple tour buses and walking tours. This was a 24 hour hop on and hop off tour and cost about $40 US dollars. Truthfully it was definitely worth it since I did not know where to go and transportation would have easily cost just as much

This included

  • Museum tour bus (this bus stops at all the museums and … most of them are FREE!
  • Jack the ripper walking tour
  • Changing of guards walking tour
  • Big Red Tour (main) goes all over the place
  • Big Red Tour Ferry (on the river)
  • Rock and Roll walking tour (goes to all the rock and roll spots)
Also the food was not as good as other places I have been but the Indian food was definitely amazing!

Overall I understand why London England is the number 1 tourist spot for vacationers. It is rich in history and the museums are just jaw dropping

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