Well .. Amazon has gave up on selling/making phones and everyone is calling it a failure … lucky for the consumers I guess because Amazon fire phones are having a fire sale on ebay for $130 … looking at the hardware you cannot beat it .. it is like getting a Samsung S5 for $130 … but the problem is …. the operating system (Fire OS) which absolutely is horrid … I don’t know what they were thinking when they created fire OS (a modified version of android) but it wasn’t very straight forward in their approach … nothing is intuitive with the phone and trying to get google play store working on it correctly is a nightmare (constant crashes) …

I was about to return the phone when finally .. I found the CM11 rom … this changed the phone completely and made it better than my old Nexus 5 phone. It played minecraft and other demanding 3d games 100{ff998fb61b21a67fc2092c9c341efee22571846abd38770d7cb577408b6ade38} fine and even came with 32gb internal storage … Where can you get this brand new for $130? You have to flash the phone but overall I am pretty happy with the phone and how it performs with CM11 installed. This is my backup phone as I am still using the Iphone 6 Plus as my main phone but this phone gets a lot of play time from me .. it works amazing with CM11 .. it scores about 42k on Antutu which is about the same as a Samsung S5 / LG G3 .. both of which cost a lot more than this phone even used

Overall as a backup phone/throw away phone this is probably the best you can get currently … Amazon didn’t fail making a phone as this thing is very nice in terms of hardware … what they failed is creating great software (fire OS) … the operating system failed them. If this thing came with stock AOSP Android .. they would have sold a lot more and probably would be still creating phones today




More details about the CM11 rom can be found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/fire-phone/development/rom-cm-11-20150706-unofficial-t3151443

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