I needed something for reading digital books while on the go and realized not all tablets are created equal for reading text. I played with a few tablets at the store and the Amazon HDX’s screen jumped out as the best for reading text. I am not sure if it is because of the 1920×1200 or high pixel density of 323 PPI or it’s color perfect accuracy 100{ff998fb61b21a67fc2092c9c341efee22571846abd38770d7cb577408b6ade38} sRGB, but the screen is just amazing for reading. The size is also the same as a regular book at 7″ which makes it perfect for sitting at a bench at the beach or park. Overall this device fits the mobile lifestyle.


In terms of movies and youtube, this small tablet has one of the best speakers I have ever heard on a tablet, surpassing even the Ipad. Bass is crystal clear and it is loud … like beats by dre pill loud! I was blown away by this, reading the description it is Dolby-Audio  speakers built into the unit.


There is also a cool feature to get live help (I have not tried it yet), and overall the device is very simple to use.


The operating system is a ?derivative? of android from what I can tell. Amazon calls it Fire OS, and it is very different from Android tablets/phones. The interface is stupid simple, anything you download appears on your desktop as a icon, so if you download a PDF , it becomes a icon on your desktop (as opposed to having to bring up file browser in android or iOS )



Overall I am pretty happy with the unit, battery life comes in at 10 hours and it uses regular micro USBs to charge. At 179.99, this tablet is priced well compared to the latest  iPad Mini. Overall I recommend it highly to anyone who needs a tablet for mobility.

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