Well I got one after much debate. I was one of those people who thought the Apple watch would be a waste of money and …. after owning it for a few days, I agree it is not really all that useful. I am not going to act like an Apple fanboy and say it is great when really , it isn’t haha. There are some apps on there that are useful if you run or work out for tracking purposes. But for the average person who works and doesn’t do much working out, this watch isn’t very useful. It is cool for the first couple of days responding to texts messages on the watch by dictating back to it but after the novelty runs out .. it just sits on the desk most of the time …

I see where they were trying to make it a lifestyle device much like a smart phone and how people use them everyday but the watch falls short, at least in my case , it may prove more useful for someone more active. Much like the Fitbit craze, I haven’t really caught on to tracking how many steps I take per day.

On the bright side it is a beautiful watch and does attract attention .. I guess this is what is in music videos now a days much like how the iPods were when it was first released?

The way I see it – this watch is like the iPod …first generation …. not everyone bought it in the beginning but it was trendy. It was not very useful either for the price you paid (much like the Apple Watch). From this though evolved the iPhone, I can see the Apple Watch evolving to something much more useful down the line, but right now it is just an item that is nice to have as opposed to an iPhone which is a life changing device. Hopefully Apple will figure it out and make a life changing device out of the Apple Watch much like how they evolved the iPhone from the iPods. Maybe the Watch will evolve into an iPhone and be a stand alone cell phone instead of a tethered device? Who knows what the future will bring ?

Overall Nathan Wan rates this 1.5 starsĀ [yasr_overall_rating]

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