Shortly after upgrading to the iPhone 7 , the iPhone X came out and I was star struck why anyone would pay $1000+tax for a phone. Fast forward 6 months , I ended up upgrading to the iPhone X! (After much debate) So here comes the review

Apple’s migration backup/restoration in iTunes is miles ahead of android in terms of easily copying everything (yes even accounts for most mobile apps) over to the new phone. This saved me the hassle of having to setup logins etc again which is a lot better than the experience I had with android before (most migrations were buggy and there was no way to copy over login credentials saved to the apps) , maybe it has changed since the old nexus 4 days but it left me with a bad taste in what happens when you do upgrade to a new phone.  Especially with all the different logins for the smart house applications. Apple has solved this with their iTunes backup/restore tool and copies the apps and even the account login credentials so they work just like on the old phone.

The camera is nice but quality wise I cannot tell much difference between the iPhone X camera and the iPhone 7 camera, it has got to the point where picture quality is great already and my bad eyes just cannot tell the difference. Where the iPhone X shines is the portrait mode which works for both the front and back cameras. This creates a faux slr effect in the photo and blurs the background of the main subject. This is probably most useful for people who want to look their best for mobile dating apps(haha!). I am not sure what else people will use this for as while vacationing you would not want to blur the background 99.99% of the time. Overall though the camera is better than the iPhone 7, it is just the difference is minimal from my bad eyes

Face unlock is probably the biggest feature and it is great when it works, but sadly there is a defect apple has found and is attempting to fix. From my experience it works good with banking apps and other secure apps perfectly but from time to time the face unlock just doesn’t work and I end up using the passcode. More on the defect in the link below (I may bring my phone in to get it fixed at some point)

The other feature is the home button missing which I am still getting used to, swiping up and down to access running windows or the home screen takes a bit to get used to but overall I see nothing too big to be noted.

The border-less screen is also a nice touch but again nothing spectacular or worth noting.

The last part is the qi charging which is definitely worth noting, as a person who used aftermarket sticky backpad qi chargers for his old iPhones, this is a welcome change as ikea and other furniture companies integrate qi charging into their furniture, it is nice to have. I own about 3 qi charging pads which I placed in my car and in my bedroom and having an iPhone X that allows qi charging from the factory is a god send! It makes me wonder why they didn’t do this before the iPhone 8/iPhone X.

Speed wise, I don’t think any of the apps ran slow before on my iPhone 7, even PUBG speed gains are unnoticeable  with the jump from iPhone 7 to iPhone X

So to to answer the question, is it the best iPhone ever? Yes it is … but for the price , it doesn’t perform 2-3 times better than an iPhone 7 (except for qi charging)

Overall I recommend the iPhone X if you have the money and want the best iPhone ever (marginally better than the iPhone 7 imo), I don’t recommend it if you are looking for something spectacular and innovative, it is more of the same , just in a different shape phone, with a slightly faster processor, better camera and wireless charging. I will be keeping the iPhone X as my main phone and using the iPhone 7 as my international travel phone as I still don’t think the iPhone 7 is outdated and probably will feel better about dropping it while traveling!

It works great if you own other apple devices, which is also the reason why most people are stuck buying apple devices (because the apple devices don’t play well with Android)