My friend called me up and told me her 2009 13″ Macbook Pro kept displaying a message that said “storage is full” and she tried deleting everything and it still displayed the message every 5 minutes. She told me the Apple store does not service the laptop anymore because it is too old. At first I thought it had a virus, so I just reinstalled OSX, but then all the errors popped up and ultimately the drive died. Looking it up online, it seems like harddrive failures are pretty common in the early Macbook Pros, I am surprised her laptop lasted over 7 years!

Another issue I saw was that it had 2gb of DDR3 ram … this was probably ok back in 2009 ,but no way she can get by with that today. I called her up and stopped at the computer store and picked up a 256GB SSD and 4GB DDR3 SODimm for under 85 dollars total (wow have prices come down on SSD’s!).


I installed the SSD and 4GB of ram  (took out 1 gb stick for 5gb total) and then installed OSX El Capitan. The machine booted up flawlessly and surprisingly runs very smooth for a 7 year old laptop.

If you have a old laptop sitting around, this is probably the best route to go. Add more ram and a SSD and it should be golden!


IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4450

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