Found these online on amazon selling for $20 (just search for smartwatch and filter by price) and thought how bad can it be for $20 ? So I bought it and gave it a try … Overall straight to the point it doesn’t play well with iPhones/iOs … this thing is built for Android and the messaging notifications application is built for Android only. For iPhones it is limited to just playing music over bluetooth and phone calls over bluetooth … with Android .. it does a lot more … the best feature is notifications from text etc. This allows you to read and respond to texts from your watch instead of going into your pocket, unlocking your phone etc. I paired this with my iPhone 6 Plus and was disapointed but after pairing it with the Amazon Fire running CM11, it is pretty good for $20. I can say it definitely does and feels better than most $20 watches that are not smart watches. I don’t wear it everyday but on the occcasional trip to the theme park or through the park, I can see where it would be useful … which makes me think if I get an apple watch .. it would probably sit on my desk most of the time like this watch … maybe they are not as useful as they market them to be? haha

Overall I would rate it a 8/10 for Android phones and a 1/10 if you have a iPhone .. go with something else if you have an iphone cause nothing works! haha

Overall Nathan Wan rates this 1 star  [yasr_overall_rating]







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