Well my friend came up to me the other day with her Android phone and it was running very slow and kept displaying a message that kept saying “insufficient storage internal memory” or something like that (don’t have the exact error message off the top of my head).

Anyway she asked me if I could help and I figured a lot of people would be running into issues like this if you have any Android phone with only 4gb of internal storage (not enough IMO).

This particular phone was a LG F6 which is a great phone but lacks internal storage space. There is no “easy” way to move applications to the SD card, but here is the simplest I have found that doesn’t require you to take out the SD card and plug it into a PC.

Heads up
I am not responsible if you lose your pictures, brick your phone etc … this is all done at your own risk.

1 – backup your SD card … plug a wire to your phone , goto the SD card and copy everything to your desktop.

2 – get rooted , this is different for every phone, do a google search to find out how you can root your model phone

3 – download aparted from the app store on your phone


4- open aparted – Goto tools- delete the partition which contains your SD card (make sure the megabytes match your SD card. .. do not mistakenly delete your phone internal memory)
5- Goto the create tab and create a fat32 partition which will be used for your pictures (I usually put this at about 10gb on a 16gb SD card)
6- Create another partition with the remaining space as EXT4 (6gb if you follow my model above)
7. Wait for it to be created then download link2sd from the play store

8. Open link2sd, it will tell you to reboot after running some scripts , say yes
9. After it is rebooted open linked2sd
10. Find the applications which take up a lot of space (facebook messanger, facebook are on the top for consuming space) , open them up and click link 2 sd for each
11. You are now done, enjoy the space you have!

On my friends LG F6, it freed up about 1gb after linking all the installed applications to the SD card

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