I loved my first RX-8 and after totalling the first one I didn’t know what else to turn to. I went out to buy another brand new one from Mazda Gallery in Norwood but this time with the grand touring package. This one was a lightning yellow RX-8 which follows the Mazda tradition of only releasing the yellow cars the first year of their RX cars. This was a very special car and I loved it very much. Sadly in terms of reliability of these rotary engines, they do not last long and the engine flooded almost every other summer.  I traded it after 5 years of ownership and after the warranty expired and swapped it for a 2 year old off lease 2006 Toyota Corolla because I was just sick of fixing it or deflooding the engine.

I modified this car a lot and had 2 different carbon fiber hoods for it. K&N intake, borla exhaust,  Mazdaspeed body kit and more. I was featured on Mazda’s website and won a few trophies at car shows. I had a lot of memories in this car. I remember one time at the drag strip I blew the transmission and had to be towed home…. haha … Very good memories .



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