One of my clients with the Lenovo P50 finally used up the 500gb NVME drive the laptop came with, so we looked around and there were no Nvme 1Tb SSD available until Dec 10th (the release of the Samsung 960 Evo NVME).  We waited and ordered from Amazon and install was extremely smooth.


Originally I cloned the old 500gb SSD to an external drive, but after popping off the cover of the P50 I realized it has 2 M.2 slots for SSDs! This was a god send as I could then just do drive to drive cloning as opposed to imaging the old drive off to an external drive and then installing the new drive and then cloning back.


The only issue I had was there was no drive “dock”. I do not have pictures from this install as I was busy working, but I just installed the new ssd in the slot and  plugged the old SSD into the slot without the dock and carefully turned on the machine, nothing was holding the old SSD in place besides the slot itself so I had to be extremely careful not to move the machine.


In the end it worked out perfect, the drive to drive cloning process took under 25 minutes for 500gbs of data (amazing speed!), and I turned off the machine, popped out the old SSD and reinstalled the back plate and the machine booted perfectly with the new 1TB drive.


I tried to get benchmarks on userbench, but they rated the machine 0{ff998fb61b21a67fc2092c9c341efee22571846abd38770d7cb577408b6ade38} as there were no benchmarks to compare for the 1Tb Evo 960 NVME yet (the SSD is too new). I cannot tell you how fast the machine is as I did not get a chance to use it extensively, but the client reports the machine is a lot faster than the old NVME drive which means real life testing proves it is a big improvement.


Price wise the Samsung 960 Evo NVME M.2  1TB is over 500 dollars currently, but the price will come down in the next few years. NVME is a relatively new technology for SSD’s but they seem to be where the industry is heading as the speed is just insane compared to SATA. Sorry I didn’t have time to do testing on the drive, but real life usage, the drive is far far ahead of the old SATA SSD’s. Only time will tell, but I foresee NVME SSD drives being the standard in the future.


Just a heads up as well,  originally we were going to get the 960 Pro series but these were set to release after January, we didn’t want to wait so we got the Evo series which cost less and has a lower warranty but when I contacted amazon, they said speed wise it is pretty much the same in real life usage for those looking at these options as well just the warranty is better on the Pro. On paper the Pro series is about 200-300 MB/sec faster in write/read speed, but this is negligible in real life usage.


updated : 1/29/2017 – installed another one of these in a server and finally got benchmarks. Ignore the gaming score as this does not have  a graphics card and is mainly a server. Not sure why the benchmark says Windows 8.1, it is running Windows Server 2012 (maybe a bug in userbench). Also the scores maybe a bit low because it is running 3 Vm’s which could not be shutoff for the quick benchmark


You can check out the Samsung drives here on Amazon


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