Yep I have said it … and I did it as well, I went from iPhone X to iPhone XR … but why ? On paper it looks like the X is far superior but in reality it is not … the only 3 major¬†features the iPhone X has that the XR does not have is oled screen, 3D force touch and dual cam. What the XR does gain is bigger screen , bigger battery , faster processor and faster face unlocks (big gain for functionality) with the new A12 processor.

These alone are big upgrades, the battery life while not advertised because of the regular lcd screen/bigger battery is far better than the X. I am not alone to point this out (just do a google search XR vs X). The XR even beats out the new XS in terms of battery life by ~90 minutes and gets about the same battery life as the XS Max.

I have not noticed the difference between lcd and OLED yet as I don’t stare at the screen to nitpick color differences but if no one told you the screen used lcd versus OLED, I don’t think anyone would know.

The A12 processor is also faster in the XR and this creates a better experience overall especially with face unlocks. So far I have no issues with face unlocks while my X had problems with lag from time to time. This processor is the same one in the XS and XS Max.

Now for what I am losing by going iPhone XR from the X. 3D force touch was never really used by me, it’s neat but truthfully unneeded. Dual cameras are great for optical zoom and faster portrait mode photos but again I barely used these features. And again the OLED screen versus lcd difference is barely noticeable , overall I am pretty happy with the iPhone XR and cannot recommend it enough! Going through a day without charge is definitely worth losing a few features which I do not miss!