I needed some low cost media boxes to showcase a project I was working on and needed 3 different boxes. I found 3 MXQ Android boxes with different processors inside of them so I decided to buy one of each. They are the 3 boxes as follows below

Flylion MXQ 4k with Rockchip  RK3229   Processor capable of decoding and displaying 4K content (Android 4.4)


Henscoqi MXQ pro with Amlogic S905  capable of decoding and displaying 4K Content (the only one with Android 5.1)


Kekilo MXQ with  Amlogic S805  capable of decoding and displaying 1080P Content (Android 4.4)


I am also throwing in a first generation Moonbox (Cortex A9) to compare in this review




Right from the start the power adapters for all units are the same and boxes are all similiar size. The only difference seems to be the logos on the top of the boxes. I am guessing the boxes are all from the same manufacturer and the different companies add their own logos to them.  The Kekilo  and Henscoqi both have the same remote control. The moonbox and Flylion have different remotes. The curious thing is that the kekilo and Henscoqi remotes work on the Flylion remote. Below is a comparision of the Kekilo/Henscoqi remote and the Flylion remote . The Flylion remote has universal remote capability and can learn the vol  + and Vol – and power of your TV remote (see the set button below). The moonbox has a completely different remote which does not work on any other box.



In terms of operating system, all of the machines except the S905 Henscoqi ran Android 4.4 kitkat. The Henscoqi ran Android 5.1. All of the boxes had the same mediaTV Launchers except the Moonbox which has a custom launcher.


In terms of speed the Flylion Rockchip RK3229  seems to be the snappiest and lag free. The downside is the heat …. the box seemed to overheat a few times and videos stopped playing a few times while using the box. Very frustrating therefore I cannot recommend the Rockchip RK3229 based media box. I have had bad luck with Rockchip based devices before overheating (see my old Android media stick review from before). This is another device which has a newer Rockchip chipset and it is another hot running chip. Another issue I found is this box doesn’t turn off unless you unplug it physically. The box stays on and remains hot even if you push the power button on the remote (it seems like it just shuts off the screen output but the device is still running). This may have contributed to the overheating as I left the device plugged in for 2 hours while it was supposedly off (but now I know it stays on even if you power it off!). I cannot recommend this device as this device will give you issues whenever it overheats

The second fastest chipset is the Henscoqi with the S905 processor, the downside is the Android 5.1 operating system seems unpolished compared to the other boxes. The menus lag at times where the other boxes have no issues, I believe it maybe the operating system as this chipset is faster than the S805, but the S805 feels a lot more smooth. Playing content and game emulators the chipset shines and has no problems.


The third fastest chipset is the Kekilo MXQ  which has the older S805 processor. Being the oldest chipset in this test, the device was very stable and didn’t freeze. I am sure they patched up the kernal to make sure this device runs smooth over the years. This is the only one that does not display 4K out of the Android TV boxes (beside the moon-box). Overall this device was very smooth but lagged a bit when running N64 emulators and games. I would recommend this device if you only need 1080P and do not plan on gaming on it.


The last one is the moonbox which is a first generation moonbox (it is old!). It is the slowest out of the group but the operating system and software on it is very well made. It almost never lags or freezes. The software on it is custom made from the Moonbox company and I can see why it is worth about 3 times more than the other devices even though it has the slowest chipset. The settop box emulation software is custom made for this box and it does not run on any other android boxes (I believe it uses the device MAC and serial number to verify if the device is a moonbox). Overall I would recommend the moonbox if it is for an older person who does not use technology much as it is a lot easier to use than the other boxes. Also all the software is preinstalled and runs perfectly without tweaks to Kodi etc.


To conclude this review, I would recommend the S805 based media boxes for those that do not want to tweak the box and need stability in their systems. If you can somehow figure out how to keep the Rockchip from overheating, it is probably the fastest out of the group. The S905 seemed laggy to me and a bit unstable at times probably because of the newer operating system, hopefully they patch it at some point. If you need ease of use, go for the Moonbox as it works perfectly out of the box.


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