Developing with a laptop is a pain especially when you have to run VM’s for database servers, web servers etc, so I needed “portable” dev servers as virtualization was slowing me down. Looking around, there were a lot of “tiny” computers being released. I found 2 refurb’ed Lenovo M73 and M83 Tiny’s from Lenovo’s website and decided to give them a try as portable dev servers. They are no bigger than a water bottle and can fit in my backpack along with my development laptop.

Specs say these are 8 point military spec’d which to me means nothing, but after looking at the video on youtube from Lenovo below (for the newer model M tiny series), jeez can these things take a beating. Thanks to the 128gb SSD’s, these 2 “tiny” desktops can be dropped over and over again.




Specs for both are identical with

Quad core Intel I5 4590T

8Gb ram

128GB ssd

Windows 10 Pro


These little desktops are incredibly snappy and boot in as little as 10 seconds. Overall I highly recommend these portable and durable little  desktops if you are being slowed down by having to “virtualize” servers. Taking the machines apart, we see dust filters at every vent which is an amazing design as it cuts down on dust inside the system and keeps the system running cool in the long run especially if you are throwing this in your backpack everyday!


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