Every year we upgrade the server for the businesses I work for and this year the new Skylake processors came out. These things are supposed to be the “tock” from the Intel Broadwell processors (the “tick”), referring to Intels Tick Tock strategy which releases first generation architecture of processors then further releases the next generation with improvements.

These processors use 14nm transistors and uses the new LGA 1151 sockets. The big downside (in my view) is most LGA 1151 socket motherboards use the new DDR4 ram …. if you read reviews all over the web, there is not much gain from going to DDR4 and DDR4 currently is pretty expensive. Since this was a webserver, we have about 32gb of DDR3 ram which would be wasted if we went with DDR4 but luckily with some research we found the Asus Z170-P D3 LGA1151 motherboard which supported DDR3 ram. This isn’t a high end server grade motherboard, but I trusted Asus enough to use it in this upgrade. The downside this motherboard only has 4 memory slots compared to the previous 8 in the “server” style motherboard it was replacing therefore we could only fit 16gb of ram onto it.

It worked out fine, but the big thing I noticed that changed is Intel no longer includes fans with their retail processors. Atleast in the I7 6700K I bought there was no fan which isn’t too bad since the old fan/heatsink fit from the previous LGA 1150 socket.

The biggest surprise in terms of performance of this processor is the integrated graphics …. remember when integrated graphics were crap ? No longer is that the case with this I7 6700k and it’s integrated IntelĀ® HD Graphics 530 …. This thing plays Bioshock infinite at 1080P at 50-60fps …. Kind of crazy how long we have come in terms of integrated graphics. They perform very well… which is very surprising , opened my eyes a bit when I saw the numbers and how well it performed. We will see what the future brings in terms of technology ,but I only see integrated GPU’s getting better at this point .. gone are the days when you had to go out and buy a Riva TNT 2 just to play Counterstrike haha



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