Well I have not blogged in a while and just wanted to write about an upgrade I made in the last few months to my gaming system. This is a review of the new generation of GPU’s from Nvidia (Pascal), specifically the MSI Geforce GTX 1060 Armor 3GB.

The GTX 1060 MSRPs right under 200 (usually 190 when on sale). This has brought an older generation I7 system with last year’s low end GTX 950 back to life and surprisingly the GTX 1060 3GB performs right in between the last generation higher end GTX 980 and GTX 970, which is very good given it’s price point of under 200 dollars
(bench marks taken from PC gamer)

In terms of gaming, the gain from going from GTX 950 to GTX 1060 was huge, I can now play Arkham Knight , GTA 5, Black Ops 3 and a few other demanding titles at ultra which was not possible with the GTX 950. League of Legends and other non-demanding games had almost no difference as they are just not demanding enough to justify the extra power from the GTX 1060.


In terms of size/installation, this video card is huge … while not the biggest video card I have seen, I had issues with squeezing it into my system, especially with the placement of the power adapter. I had to take off the front face of the Thermaltake V1 and back it into the PCI E slot. (it would not fit through the side panel). Also I had to run the plug on top of the front facing fan and then plug it in before installing the card. The cord was pulling the card back a  little bit and I needed someone to hold the card in place to screw the card in. Overall this card is a lot larger than the GTX 950 it replaced and will definitely need some planning if you want to install it in a mini-ITX system.


Overall I recommend this video card to anyone who wants top notch performance (near the high end last generation GTX 980) without breaking the bank. There is also a 6GB version which is about 5{ff998fb61b21a67fc2092c9c341efee22571846abd38770d7cb577408b6ade38}-10{ff998fb61b21a67fc2092c9c341efee22571846abd38770d7cb577408b6ade38} faster in most games (about 2-5fps).

Check it out here MSI Computer GTX 1060 ARMOR 6G OCV1 NVIDIA GeForce GDDR5 DVI/2HDMI/2DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card


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