Remember this video ?

Well Lenovo finally started selling products like these table sized tablets … they go all the way up to 27″! I got my hands on a new 19″ Horizon 2 and can’t say it is great … The idea was great but the tablet sized table is just too big for everyday use. I tried bringing this to the beach with me and I just looked stupid …. It is just too big/chunky to really use as a portable device. At home this is great to use but I see no difference between this and an all in one computer such as an iMac. Overall I can see why these are not selling very well. The idea was great but in terms of use , there are not enough reasons to go out and buy one over a laptop if you want portability or an all in one or standard desktop if you need something at home.

Battery life was not good at about 2 hours, mine came with a standard platter harddrive so boot times are horrid compared to what I am used to (solid state drives). Overall I feel the price premium paid for this device is not worth it’s features. I find myself leaving it at home unused as it is not powerful enough to game on and also too heavy to really use as a portable device, on top of that the battery life is horrid. Over all I wouldn’t recommend the Lenovo horizon as a replacement for a laptop or a desktop.




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