Well it has been 3 days since my lasik surgery and I have to say it is AMAZING. I was scared the day of Surgery (Friday June 10th), but overall it was not as bad as I had thought… I was mainly scared because of the youtube videos … but from the perspective as a patient you do not see anything surprisingly, all you see is a green dot,  then your vision goes dark and then the doctor flips the flap back on and your vision is nearly perfect in under 30 seconds per eye … very amazing and weird at the same time. I didn’t even know they were making the flap as the doctor kept me distracted with questions, it helps if the doctor is experienced as the bedside manner will keep you calm. The doctor I chose was topped ranked and had very good bed side manners in talking to me to keep my mind off the subject of a flap being cut in my eye ! haha, If I had to do it again ,I definitely would but with the same doctor, I had this time as she was definitely a good lasik doctor in keeping me calm. If it was another doctor, I am sure I would be focused on my eye being cut and would have been very fidgety.


Post operation, I felt like I had a dry contact in my eye but was told to not touch my eye and to wear eye shields and sleep for the next 4 hours. I couldn’t sleep as I was too excited and I drank coffee before I went in for surgery (bad choice on my part).

4 Hours later, I began using the prescribed antibiotic and steroid drops  and artificial tears every hour until I went to sleep. I was amazed at my vision, while a little blurry, it was nearly perfect. I used my cell phone a few times and also could read license plates off cars on the ride back home. Later that  night I even went out to a bar to listen to music with some friends. I was very amazed at how well I could see!I


The next day, I woke up, put in my eye drops and drove myself (without glasses or contacts for the first time!) for the follow up visit. They sat me down and I put some drops in my eyes because they felt a little dry. I could read the 20-25 line and they said that was great progress and then the doctor left and I believe the eye drops were blurring my vision at the time, but after the blurr was gone, I could read the 20-20 line no problem! This was very incredible to me to have 20-20 vision in less than 24 hours after lasik.

The third day is when they told me to only use the steroid and antibiotic drops 4 times a day which is when my eyes felt a little bit irrtated / red. I was told to stay with the tears every hour which I did but my eyes still ended up irritated by the end of the day. It may have been because I went to watch Conjuring 2 at the movies (first time without glasses/contacts!). I just put my last drops for the day in and slept through the irritation and was fine the next morning.

My next vision check up is in 2 weeks and I believe the doctor will tell me then that I have 20-20 vision, this time I won’t put the drops in my eyes before the test haha.


Overall I am very happy with the results and the procedure. It was painless, and fast with almost no recovery time. I believe that results vary but if I were to get it done again, definitely choose a top rated lasik doctors as this one really knew how to kept my cool while they were performing the surgery.

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