I was looking for a Honda Fury or Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom to add to the garage but found a  mint Suzuki M50 and couldn’t pass it up after hearing the sweet exhaust. The previous owner added a Hard Krome Side Burner 2 in to 1 exhaust  which retails for $699 and the bike just sounds amazing.

I was mainly looking for a comfortable cruiser for touring through Mulholland highway AKA “The Snake” and riding through San Diego’s coastline/beaches and maybe someday taking a long distance tour through South America (Maybe a long trip from California to Mexico to Panama), so another sport bike didn’t really fit my needs. I was thinking about going for a standard like my old Kawasaki Z1000 or Suzuki SV650, but nothing really beats a cruiser on the highway in terms of comfort. The criteria was simple for my touring needs, shaft drive (I don’t want to mess with chains on long trips), atleast 750CC, and fuel injected.


I searched for Honda Fury’s and Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Customs as they had the “dark” frame look and cruiser comfort I wanted (see examples below)

2010-Honda-Furyc 2013-kawasaki-vulcan-900--20w

Randomly I found a Suzuki M50 and it fit the bill perfectly. 800CC, dark framed, fuel injected and shaft driven. Compared to my Honda Magna which still sits in my garage, this machine is a tad slower even though the Magna is 750CC and carb’ed. The Magna has a V4 compared to the Suzuki’s Vtwin and more raw power  as well as a higher revving motor, but lacks the technology refinements of fuel injection and maintenance free shaft drive which can become a maintenance nightmare when kept in storage (try cleaning the carbs of the V4 Honda Magna.. you will see why)

You have to give up power for comfort and maintenance free cruising, so I decided to get the Suzuki M50 for long distance touring and keep the Magna for short joy rides. I also still have the Honda CBR600RR … but I hardly rode it so I put the CBR600RR up for sale as I really do not need the speed anymore and the riding position was starting to hurt my wrists. (it has sat in my garage for almost 8 months because my wrist  hurt everytime I ride it).



So far the bike has been great, the huge upside is the miles per gallon it gets compared to the Honda Magna. The Honda Magna would get about 30MPG, the new Suzuki M50 is averaging about 46 MPG. Technology has come a long way in 10 years for cruisers. While the sport/standard bikes I have owned (excluding the SV650S) were always fuel injected, I never owned a cruiser with fuel injection as cruiser’s were always slow to adopt technology. I think if they made a Honda Magna V4 today with fuel injection, it would be a huge hit, lightweight , comfortable and fast. Hopefully they get rid of the chain drive and revert back to shaft drives like my father’s 1985 Honda Magna.


Enough day dreaming for now, so far I am happy with the Suzuki M50 as my new touring bike, will post more once I get going with some new motorcycle adventures!







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