Well my CyberpowerPC laptop is being sent in for repair as it stopped turning on randomly a few weeks ago. So I am stuck with my Dell XPS 17 which cannot play current generation games such as GTA 5 , Mortal Kombat X smoothly. I am also stuck with my 13″ Macbook Pro and Lenovo Horizon 2 which cannot run any of the current gen games which leaves me “gameless” util CyberpowerpC ships back my PC (a process I am told of 2 weeks). Instead of waiting I thought why not upgrade my old desktop which is collecting dust ?

At first I thought man… this is going to need a lot of work

Feast your eyes on the awesomeness of 4 years ago …
MSI 870A-G54
AMD Phenom II X6 1075T
Geforce 9600GT
corsair 500w powersupply

I was looking to be able to play the latest games while spending the least amount of money until my cyberpower pc laptop came back and after researching there was only one upgrade needed that would do it all ….

That is the glorious Geforce 750 TI 2gb … this card has been the holy grail of budget machines not only because it is under $150 for a good branded version , but it is also very low powered as well. It requires no external power adapters and runs on it’s own PCI-E slot sourced power. This is great for people with older machines or prebuilt machines from Dell/HP etc which have “crappy” power supplies as you can just put this in and go.

Installation was straight forward, removing the old card and placing the new 750 TI in and then setting the bios to allow for the PCI E video card to be defaulted to on boot.

Then I went to nvidia.com and downloaded the latest Geforce drivers, installed GTA 5, Mortal Kombat X , NBA 2k16 … plugged in my Xbox One controller and am happy to say everything runs at 1080P … Amazing console quality performance for under 150 bones

Highly recommend this card for anyone looking to upgrade an old desktop machine to play current generation games. This card exceeded my expectations as I was just expecting to play at decent resolutions .. but this thing can handle 1080P gaming which surprised me ! Mortal Kombat X runs at 60FPS, GTA 5 runs 40-60 FPS.

Probably the coolest feature that I was unaware of before is that DVI ports can output sound?! haha. I had trouble connecting the mini HDMI to my TV so I ran a DVI to HDMi cable from the DVI port on the card and surprised … but the DVI to HDMI carries sound to the TV?! This must be something new as I never knew DVI can carry sound before. Anyways I am pretty happy with the card! perfect TV companion

Found this on youtube of the same card plus an I3 processor running GTA 5

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