Well I just finished what was quite possibly the most stressful day of my life. Had multiple problems today all over the place and was under pressure to fix them, and only one thing kept me going …. the thought of knowing once I finish fixing all of these problems, I will be on my way home to play Skylanders and possibly some League of legends and also some Call of Duty Black Ops! haha Seriously though , video games are a big stress relief for me. Some people like beer, others like food … I just like to play video games. When I play a video game I am truly interested in, I am completely calm and nothing else matters in the world to me. Not to mention I probably got my ultra fast typing speed and fast finger reflexes from playing Counterstrike every day as a teenager! But one thing sticks out in my mind, without video games, I would probably not be very interested in technology … videos games (specifically halflife counterstrike) was the main reason I got into building computers and making them faster by overclocking to get an edge over the competition.

I remember when I was 14, I begged my dad to buy me a new motherboard and cpu so I could build my first computer just so I could compete in the current game I was playing (Half Life: Counterstrike)
It was a AMD K6-2 500 MHZ … within two weeks I built my first water cooler from a pump from home depot and silicon fish tank tubing from the pet store. Another 2 weeks later … the silicon seals I used to seal the hoses leaked and water came out and shorted my motherboard and my CPU … I was devastated since back then a K6-2 and a motherboard was not cheap.

Luckily my brother had an old Emachine with a Cyrix III processor that he was not using (was a pretty horrible processor, but it worked for CS!) and I continued gaming. I remember it would be sunny out in the summer where most kids would be out playing and riding bicycles … but me and my 2 other brothers would be staying in… all 3 of us would have our own computers playing counter strike together on our home server which we hosted for other players on the internet (yes they called us low ping bastards because we were on a LAN connection while they were connecting to our server through the internet!). We soon met local gamers like ourselves and participated in LAN parties and tournaments. It was a grand time and I wish I could relive it all over again (haha).

The point of this post is pretty basic … video games is a form of therapy and contrary to what most parents think about video games being bad for kids, I actually think kids learn a lot from video games. They learn about technology, to socialize, problem solving skills and even gain skills that will help them in the future. So parents – before you say no to that video game for your kid, remember this post! haha! My brothers and I played video games 24/7 when we were kids and all of us turned out ok!


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