Between work and studying for exams, I have had little time to try out new technologies, but I finally got time to install Windows 10 on a virtual machine and I am thoroughly impressed. This is a technical preview version, but the big thing that I like about it is the start menu is back! No more installing classic shell to get the start menu back in Windows 8…. It is back for good, but in a weird format (I had problem finding my computer).


The other nice updates I noticed were

Command prompt now allows copy and paste without right clicking the menubar/opening up a context menu (took them this long to add  this feature? haha , super useful)

Power shell is nicely integrated in

Windows store looks like apple’s store on OS 10

One drive integration (hey they gave me almost 100gb free storage for 2 years so I am going to start using it!)

One Note integration (looks like this is going to replace ever note once I start using Windows 10)




This is a quick overview from what I have found so far, I will update this post as I use it more


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